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Discover The Possibilities With Our Deck Design Software

Trex makes it simple to design a deck you’ll love. We’ve taken care of everything, from selecting your shape, to creating your shopping list—the Trex Deck Design tool allows you to handpick every element of your new deck. Compare materials, explore colours, and see which furniture or accessories you may want to include with our free 3D deck design software. When you’re finished, you can download a shopping list of your materials, or share a blueprint with your friends, contractor, or local planning office to obtain a permit.


The Trex Deck Designer tool also gives you the full experience—use it outside to envision your deck designs better, take it with you to the store to purchase materials, and plan your deck whenever and wherever you have the time. Our free deck design tool helps you build a beautiful outdoor living space that’s uniquely yours.

How To Plan Your Deck with the Trex Digital Deck Builder

A gorgeous deck starts with a great plan. The Trex digital design tool can help you during the planning stages, too. Here are a few things to consider while you design your dream deck:

Step 1: Size & use

How do you want to use your deck? Do you plan to do a lot of grilling and entertaining? Or do you just want a small, backyard sanctuary to soak up some sun? How you plan to use your deck will play a role in determining its size and scale.

Step 2: Budget

Do you have a set budget in mind? This may play a role in the size and scope of your deck, or extra features you want to incorporate. When planning your deck, consider not only the cost of materials but the cost of labour. If you plan to go the DIY route, you may have some extra wiggle room in your budget, but it may take longer to build than if you’d hired a professional. Use the deck design app to compare pricing on different materials and components and view estimated costs for your deck to help you decide which options may be right for you.

Step 3: Maintenance & Materials

How much time do you want to spend maintaining your deck—and how often? Compositae decking gives you the look of natural wood without the drawbacks. Fade-resistant, rot-resistant, and termite-proof, composite decking require comparatively less maintenance than wood decking. Once you know what materials you plan to use, the Trex Deck Designer can help you create a shopping list for your project. Learn more about Trex vs. wood.

Step 4: Obtaining Proper Permits

In most cases, yes, you will need a permit to build a deck. While adding a deck to a home can increase the value—and enjoyment—of your home, if you haven’t obtained the proper permits, it can be a problem if you ever choose to sell. Once you’re done designing your deck in the app, you can use the Trex Deck Designer to generate a blueprint to take to your local building office to be sure it meets safety codes and to apply for the proper permits. Learn more about the legal requirements for building a deck.

Step 5: Timing

Timing: The amount of time it takes to build a deck varies based on a number of factors, including: the size, shape and components of your deck, as well as how many people are building it and the skill level of those involved.For instance, if you want to enjoy your deck during the spring and summer months, you’ll want to start obtaining permits during the winter months. Weather conditions may also impact the timing of your project. Wet ground due to rain or cold temperatures can make it difficult to install posts or lay a foundation. Rocky terrain and making sure the ground is level can also increase the time frame toward completion. If you live in an area that has cold winters, you may also need to account for time for the ground to thaw and drain before you can get started. The Trex Deck Designer can help you plan ahead so you have plenty of time to enjoy your deck.

Get more Trex tips for planning your deck.

Get Inspired With Deck Design Plans

Need some inspiration for building the perfect deck? Use the best deck planning software! The Trex Deck Designer has a variety of adjustable design plans to get you started with designing your own deck.

I like the degree of control it gives you, the idea that you get to see it and get a feel for it.


Trex Deck Designer FAQs

How Do I Access The Deck Designer Tool?

The Trex Deck Designer Tool can be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer. It is not designed for mobile use.

What Browsers Can I Use the Deck Designer On?

The Trex Deck Designer will work on the most recent versions of:

PC: Edge, Chrome

MAC: Safari

How Do I Find a Trex Contractor To Build My Virtual Deck?

Use the Trex Find A Builder location on the website to find a list of TrexPro(R) deck builders and contractors in your area who build Trex decks.

How Can I Find My Previously Saved Designs?

To access your saved deck plans, log into your Trex Deck Designer account with your email and password. Click on My Projects in the top right for a list of saved decks.

My Design Does Not Require Railing. How Do I Remove Railing?

Lower the deck height to 2.5" under the Dimensions tab. The railing is not required at that height.

Can I Change The Size Of My Joists?

Yes. Under the Decking tab, click on Substructure Options. Select your lumber size and/or Wood Type.

What Do I Do If The Log-In Does Not Recognise My Email/Password?

Verify that the email and password are for the Deck Designer account. These are different than the log-in used for or the Trex website.

Can I create more than a square or rectangle shape?

Currently, multilevel is the sole option. We are working to add clipped corners, bump outs, and L shapes.

Does changing the height of the deck change the materials list?

Yes, especially if you have stairs.

What If I Have Problems Using The Deck Designer Tool?

If an item in the scene is disrupted or causes an issue within the design, simply delete the item and replace it within the 3D scene. Occasionally, saving the project and reopening the tool can also solve the issue.


Get Help At Every Step With The Trex Deck Designer

From planning the look of your dream deck to project logistics, the Trex Deck Designer can help you at every step of the process. Our free deck designer software can help plan your budget, draft blueprints to present for permit approvals, and even generate a shopping list for materials.