Trex vs. the competition

For more than 20 years, Trex® has championed high-performance composite decking—developing, defining and perfecting our timber-alternative line. We’ve compared Trex to other types of patio materials for an easy comparison. Whether you’re planning a breakfast corner in your garden or a balcony retreat, Trex makes it simple to create a deck that will outlook, outlast and outperform the rest.

Trex Contour Torino Brown Thumbnail
Durability 5 green dots
Environmental Responsibility 5 green dots
Ease of Maintenance 5 green dots

Trex composite decking is strong, durable, resists staining, scratching, moulding and is available in a wide range of colours. Setting itself apart from competing softwood and other synthetic materials, Trex retains the natural grain look of traditional hardwood. And with a solid board structure made from 95% recycled materials and an innovative protective shell, a Trex deck can withstand anything mother nature chooses to throw at it. Trex decking comes with a 25-year limited residential warranty and a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

Trex Stone Wall Competitor Comparison Thumbnail
Durability 2 brown dots
Environmental Responsibility 2 brown dots
Ease of Maintenance 1 brown dot

Stone is a classical choice that is better left in the classical era given its tendency to erode, crumble and split over time. Stone simply isn’t suited for wet weather. Prone to water damage, stone becomes a dangerous, slippery surface when wet and can contribute to runoff.

Trex Timber Decking Competitor Comparison Thumbnail
Durability 2 brown dots
Environmental Responsibility 2 brown dost
Ease of Maintenance 1 brown dot

Hardwood decks of all types require extensive upkeep, with regular oiling and staining. Over the years, hardwood decks can rot, split, swell, twist, fade and even splinter, becoming dangerous. Hardwood decks contribute to deforestation, making a negative environmental impact.

Hollow Composite
Trex Brown Hollow Composite Thumbnail
Durability 2 brown dots
Environmental Responsibility 3 brown dots
Ease of Maintenance 3 brown dots

Hollow composites are generally low-quality, low-budget options. Since the boards are hollow, they tend to be flimsy and less durable. Hollow composites don’t have the lasting durability of Trex and can fade, stain, scratch and mould.

Trex PVC Competitor Comparison Thumbnail
Durability 4 brown dots
Environmental Responsibility 2 brown dots
Ease of Maintenance 3 brown dots

PVC decking is another low-maintenance alternative to timber. Just like composite, PVC can resist rot and mould. However, PVC decking is far less environmentally friendly, produced mostly from virgin plastic. Prone to unappealing chalking, PVC decking is also more likely to shrink and expand with temperature fluctuations than composites and can fade and stain.

Through rain, snow and sun, your Trex deck will stay as beautiful and strong as it was on installation day. No oiling or staining required here. Trex resists staining, rotting, splitting and fading better than anything else out there.

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