Upcycle Your Decking Sample into a Floating Shelf


Chic, minimal, and exactly what your home office is missing. All you need is a 12" Trex decking board and a few pieces of hardware to make the perfect perch for a plant or cherished photo.


  • 1 Trex deck sample board
  • 2 drywall screws
  • 2 leather straps (could be sourced from an old belt)


  1. Measure (2) equally sized leather straps to be at least 4x as long as the width of the board.
  2. Punch a hole at each end of the leather strap for the screw. We recommend using a hammer and a nail.
  3. Make a loop with each strap and screw each into the wall 10” apart.
  4. Slide the Trex sample in and adjust until flush against the wall.
  5. Decorate to fit your style.