How to Demolish a Deck

Our How-To team will teach you all the need-to-knows about deck demolition, from the best way to demolish a deck to deck removal. Learn more with Trex Academy.

How to Install Deck Frame Beams and Posts - Trex Academy

The ledger board, posts and beams are critical structural elements of your deck, so we’re here to help you get it right. Our How-To Team will take you through the process of proper attachment and installation.

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"We absolutely love how little maintenance we need to do on the deck. Our Trex deck always looks sleek, and we don't have to worry about staining it every few years!"

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DIY Pete
Pro Tip
Getting an accurate fastener location when connecting the 2x beams.

The location of the fasteners needs to be exact. Using a speed square, hold a pencil at the desired marked position and drag the speed square with the pencil along the material. 

Pro Tip
Determine stair stringer dimensions

The stair stringer dimensions will dictate whether the treads or the risers get put on the stringers first. This action will be done later, but planning is needed now. If the dimensions of the treads are designed by taking away all the measurements of the nosing and riser thickness, then the treads should go on first.