How to Install Deck Guardrail Posts

Learn from our How-To team how to attach your deck's guardrail posts, including the corner, front rim and side rim line posts.

How to Install a Trex Transcend® Horizontal Deck Railing

Adding Transcend railing to your deck just got easier. Watch our quick video or read our step-by-step directions to learn how to install this elegant railing system.

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“The same way people put their heart and soul into the inside of their homes they can now do the same thing in their backyard living space. And what’s great is that Trex helps so much cause they can carry you through this entire process. You can start the project with Trex and end the project with Trex.”

Paul Lafrance
Host of HGTV’s Decked Out
Pro Tip
Measure stairway from the bottom to the top

Always measure at the end of the stairway instead of up against the deck as the ground may slope away from the deck and give a different measurement the further the stairs go away from the deck. 

Pro Tip
Use a metal stake for tough soil

For harder soils (rocky, clay soil, etc.), a metal stake may be easier to drive into the ground

Pro Tip
Use a 4x4 to ensure even spacing

To make sure the space stays even for the newel post to slide into, place a small piece of 4x4 in between the stringers to hold the spacing while the fasteners are attached.


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