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Creating Lasting Memories: The Nye Family's Trex Moments Giveaway Journey

Discover how the Nye family transformed their outdoor space with $10,000 from the #TrexMoments Giveaway.

August 02, 2023

In 2022, Trex announced the #TrexMoments Deck Giveaway on social media. We asked homeowners to post a video to their Instagram or TikTok account telling us about a special memory they’d like to make on their own Trex deck, using the hashtag Trex Moments. The winner stood to win $10,000 of Trex products to help them turn their vision into reality. 

After reviewing hundreds of entry videos, we found our winner, the Nye family. The family’s entry video made us laugh, smile and showcased how a Trex deck can truly transform a simple yard into something extraordinary. Let's catch up with the Nyes and learn more about their journey.

For our perfect deck, we went with a 20x25-foot shape to complement the size of the house and to preserve this beautiful tree right at the centre. To match the environment, we chose Trex Select® decking in a rich, deep brown and paired it with an all-black railing design featuring crown top rails, post cap lights, and round black aluminium balusters. We designed custom bamboo skirting around the base to enhance the jungle theme, along with lots of flowers and plants and stylish yet comfortable furniture. 

Our new Trex deck is by far the coolest feature of our home, creating a beautiful yet durable space that we consider our personal paradise. We feel so lucky to have a place to enjoy solitude, comfort, and quality time with friends.

Since we designed the deck ourselves, we obviously ran into some hiccups, but the Trex Adviser team was really helpful in giving us support. They gave us tips and advice and helped us solve our problems.

It's a no-brainer to go with Trex composite decking over wood. It's low maintenance and will last so much longer than traditional lumber. I've seen firsthand how bad wooden decks can get, including warping, peeling and disintegrating. We're so happy that we won't have to worry about any of that.

We made such a great investment with Trex. This deck is going to last a lifetime and give us countless memories with our friends and family. 

Lastly, we just want to thank Trex for this amazing opportunity. We would not have been able to create such a beautiful space without their help and without the guidance of the Trex team, and the Trex Moments Giveaway. Thank you, Trex!"

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