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17 Roof Deck Ideas and Designs

Explore captivating rooftop deck ideas to inspire your dream outdoor space design. Discover how to balance functionality and beauty.

August 22, 2023

Featured in the HGTV® Smart Home 2023, a roof deck is one of the most popular ways to add extra outdoor living space to any home. Modern homes with roof decks can offer a relaxing sanctuary to entertain and enjoy the outdoors -- all while making use of a spectacular view. 

Similarly, commercial properties with roof decks can add an element of relaxation at the skyline level, transforming the top of a building into a space that gives visitors a place to soak up some sun, dine al fresco, or even take a dip in a luxurious pool. 

If you're planning to make the most of your space with a roof deck, there's no shortage of inspiration to draw from. Browse through our gallery of images collected here for roof deck design ideas.

1. Small Roof Deck

Welcome to this tranquil roof deck designed for ultimate relaxation. Unwind on a comfy couch with cushions and pillows while a nearby table holds drinks and treats. Enjoy serene views of a peaceful lake and lush trees from cosy wicker chairs. 

The black deck railing with a subtle metal grid ensures safety without compromising the view. Soft recessed lighting enhances the serene ambience. With simple elegance and a practical layout, this roof deck offers a perfect retreat for homeowners seeking roof deck ideas that are calming and inviting.

2. Simple Roof Deck

This roof deck offers breathtaking views of a majestic mountain backdrop, but what really sets this design apart is its privacy-enhancing touch—a solid railing that creates an intimate and tranquil atmosphere. 

The focal point is a charming dining set for two, featuring a simple black table with mugs and a potted plant flanked by cosy black chairs. The overall arrangement effortlessly balances simplicity and elegance, creating an impressive aesthetic.

3. DIY Roof Deck

Do you want to learn how to build a roof deck? Start by exploring as many roof deck designs as you can. Look for examples that match your style, resources, and budget. Remember that you can always adjust or add on later, so stick to what you’re comfortable taking on yourself for now.

After you explore various decking options, select the perfect seating and add delightful touches to make it uniquely yours. Let your creativity take charge while you design a DIY roof deck you can proudly call your own.

4. Roof Deck with an Americana Colour Scheme

Immerse yourself in the charm of this inviting roof patio design with an Americana colour scheme. Positioned in the centre, a solid circular table awaits with a pitcher of refreshing red drinks, complementing the patriotic colour scheme. Behind it, a cosy couch boasts blue and white striped pillows in delightful patterns. 

To the right, a smaller table displays a book with a striking red cover, while off-white wicker chairs complete the red, white, and blue theme, inviting you to sit and unwind. The sandstone-hued deck and black railing frame the expansive wooded view, creating a truly special design for homeowners in search of a patriotic outdoor escape.

5. Sleek Roof Deck

Welcome to this sleek roof deck, seamlessly blending modern elegance with breathtaking cityscape views. The deck spans from left to right, leading to a raised pool with a concrete ledge. 

Amid the contemporary furniture, a clear plastic chair takes centre stage, offering unobstructed views through glass railing inserts. This thoughtfully designed space provides a sophisticated retreat for homeowners seeking roof ideas that combine style and stunning urban vistas.

6. Industrial Chic Roof Deck

For homeowners looking for a breathtaking and versatile outdoor escape, this roof oasis offers abundant space to unwind and entertain. Perched atop a grand house with striking white and black accents, the lower deck’s oak shade adds a touch of natural warmth to the sleek industrial design. 

With multiple seating areas throughout the three decks, this style is anything other than a simple roof deck design. The black railings with glass inserts accentuate the industrial appeal, while the white decking provides a clean and sophisticated backdrop. 

7. Boho Roof Deck

If you’re looking for boho-inspired roof deck design ideas, consider this option that exudes a laid-back and eclectic charm. A floating seating arrangement adorned with vibrant boho pillows atop a rich brown deck invites relaxation and comfort. 

Built-in deck lighting creates a cosy atmosphere, while the enclosed railing offers a sense of privacy, making it an ideal space to unwind and enjoy intimate gatherings. 

8. Elegant Roof Deck

On this elegant roof balcony, sophistication meets breathtaking city views. The oversized seating area boasts a chic arrangement with a large white rug, an oversized square coffee table, a comfortable couch, and two large chairs. The deck boards are strategically placed at a diagonal to create a visually appealing and dynamic pattern. 

The expansive deck is complemented by the home's oversized ceilings and foldable doors, offering a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. Recessed lighting and large potted trees add to the allure. This elegant roof deck stands out for its impeccable design, sophisticated furnishings, and panoramic city views.

9. Minimalist Roof Deck

Discover the essence of a minimalist home roof deck. The design embraces simplicity with its clean lines and lack of excessive furniture or intricate details. The black railing, featuring multiple levels and widths with a wire grid pattern, adds a touch of modernity to the space, while the patterned, vibrant pillows offer nice contrast and balance.

The minimalistic approach of this roof deck allows for uncluttered views and a sense of openness, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. 

10. Roof Deck with Mesh Railing

Explore roof deck ideas with the striking addition of a mesh railing. This ash-gray roof deck features a concrete side table adorned with a book and reading glasses, creating a cosy reading nook.

The main highlight, however, is the mesh railing. Offering subtle strength and visual appeal, the mesh railing adds a touch of modernity and sophistication without overwhelming the space. It provides both safety and an unobstructed view. 

11. Roof Deck with Pergola

For large residential roof deck ideas, consider this example. This large roof deck offers distinct spaces for dining, grilling, and lounging, all framed by the oversized Trex® Pergola™ at its heart. The dining area for six under the pergola becomes the focal point, providing a delightful setting for gatherings amid a breathtaking cityscape backdrop. 

Adding a pergola to a roof deck creates dimension and texture and offers shade and a cosy ambience. It’s an essential feature for homeowners seeking a versatile and stylish roof deck design.

12. Roof Deck with Plants

This caramel-toned deck welcomes relaxation with two large lounging chairs in a calming pearl blue shade adorned with colourful pillows and side tables. Enclosed by a black railing with vertical rods, the deck blends harmoniously with the backdrop of lush trees, creating a sense of tranquillity and privacy. 

However, what truly sets this roof deck apart is the presence of large potted plants, artfully arranged to fan out and add depth, texture, and visual interest. Incorporate plants into your small roof deck ideas to experience a refreshing ambience.

13. Roof Deck with Outdoor Kitchen

Discover the charm of a roof deck with a stunning outdoor kitchen. This space is ideal for al fresco dining and culinary adventures, featuring a sleek dining table for two and a well-equipped built-in kitchen with white cabinetry and ample storage. 

With built-in recessed deck lights that create a cosy atmosphere, you can enjoy memorable moments under the beautiful sunset sky without having to relocate for a meal.

14. Roof Deck with Outdoor Dining

Explore roof patio ideas that celebrate the joy of outdoor dining. This spacious deck, adorned with a simple black railing, showcases a large dining set for four. The generously-sized table is beautifully set with wine bottles, dishes, and glasses, creating an ambience of abundance and warmth.

Against the backdrop of a bustling city landscape, the deck retains an open and airy atmosphere, making it an ideal spot to savour delicious dishes while enjoying the urban views. 

15. Roof Deck with Lighting

This captivating deck reveals a large open pergola, casting a gentle glow over two distinct seating areas. A vibrant patterned rug defines one area, while the other finds its place in a cosy corner. 

The deck's ambient lighting creates a safe and inviting atmosphere, making it ideal for nighttime gatherings. When considering lighting options for your own deck, think about the mood you want to set and the functionality you desire, ensuring a balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal.

16. Roof Deck for Shade and Privacy

Create your own oasis with a roof deck that prioritises shade and privacy. This retreat features a tall privacy wall as the backdrop, providing a sense of seclusion. In front of the wall, a large seating area beckons you to relax and unwind. An oversized couch and two chairs create ample space for lounging, while a coffee table and large rug define the cosy setup. 

Above the seating area, matching orange canopies offer both shade and additional privacy, shielding you from higher buildings and the outside world.

17. Roof Deck for Family Fun and Socialising

Create cherished memories on a roof deck designed for family fun and socialising. This spacious and inviting deck, with ample seating for a large family, offers comfortable couches and chairs, perfect for relaxation and gatherings. Several end tables provide convenient spots for snacks and beverages, making it easy to enjoy quality time together. 

With its thoughtfully arranged layout, this roof deck design is perfect for building strong bonds and sharing laughter-filled moments with your loved ones. 


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