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Benefits of Partnering with a TrexPro® Builder

Discover how you can turn your dream of a long-lasting, eco-friendly Trex® deck into reality with a TrexPro® certified deck builder.

August 31, 2023
Trex Pro Builder

What Is the TrexPro Program?

TrexPro deck builders are certified professionals committed to crafting quality decks using premium products, including Trex Transcend® composite decking. To earn the TrexPro title, contractors must undergo rigorous training and adhere to strict installation requirements and program guidelines. 

TrexPro contractors must also hold an independent contractor's license and general liability insurance, ensuring that every decking project is in capable hands.

Becoming a TrexPro Contractor

Those interested in becoming a TrexPro contractor start by completing a TrexPro application and attending an information session hosted by a Trex sales representative or distributor. 

To solidify their expertise, they must build and register three Trex decks, including one with Trex railing, according to the specifications provided. A Trex sales representative reviews their work, and upon successful completion, they are designated as a certified TrexPro contractor.

TrexPro Contractor Levels

The TrexPro Program features three distinct levels: 

  • TrexPro
  • TrexPro Gold
  • TrexPro Platinum

Each level within the TrexPro Program signifies a higher level of expertise and dedication directly tied to the number of annual deck builds with Trex. With each deck they build, TrexPro builders deepen their understanding of the materials, techniques, and design possibilities of Trex.

A Worry-Free Investment with the TrexPro Labour Warranty

Investing in your dream deck should come with peace of mind, and that's why the TrexPro Labour Warranty is available to ensure your decking experience is stress-free from start to finish. 

This labour warranty covers reasonable labour expenses for Trex decking, railing, fascia, Cladding™, and fasteners, provided they were installed by a TrexPro contractor and properly registered. The warranty duration varies based on the TrexPro's contractor level, ranging from one to five years for decking and up to 10 years for both decking and railing.

Additionally, this warranty is transferable within five years of purchase. This means that if you decide to move within the time frame, the new homeowners will inherit the remaining labour warranty coverage.

Benefits of Partnering with a TrexPro

When you team up with a TrexPro contractor, a world of advantages awaits. Here's why having a certified expert by your side can make all the difference for your decking project:

  • Expertise in Trex Products: TrexPro contractors are trained to work masterfully with Trex products, ensuring flawless installations and maximum durability.
  • Minimised Risks with Labour Warranty: With the unbeatable TrexPro Labour Warranty, your investment is safeguarded, providing peace of mind and protection against unforeseen issues.
  • Professional Recommendations: Their expertise allows them to recommend the best Trex products and design options suited to your specific needs, helping you create the deck of your dreams.
  • Time-Saving Convenience: By relying on a certified TrexPro builder, you save time and effort, as they efficiently handle all aspects of your deck project, from design to installation.

With a TrexPro contractor by your side, your decking journey becomes a seamless and rewarding experience backed by expertise, assurance, and exceptional resources.

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Let us connect you with the expert who will bring your dream deck to life. 

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