As experts in drool-worthy decks and drool-worthy photos, we know a thing or two about taking outdoor snaps that make people stand up and take notice—like potential homebuyers, for example. In today’s real estate market—where buyers first turn to the Internet to thumb through their options—it’s never been more important to include top-notch photos with your listing, as great photos generate walkthroughs, which in turn generate bids. Here are a few tips to taking stellar shots of your home’s exterior.

Tip #1– Embrace the golden hour

Pull out your camera around the hours of 5-to-7 o’clock in the evening, when the sun’s rays fall softly across your home’s angles, resulting in subtler shadows and highlights. This is a realtor’s magic hour. Here, Transcend® decking in Lava Rock looks especially striking at dusk; find your perfect color.

Tip #2 – Maximize your angles

That stepstool stored in your garage? Unfold it, place it in the far recesses of your deck or patio and start snapping. Cleverly angled photos shot with some height—like this taken of Enhance® decking in Saddle—give the impression of a space that goes on and on.

Tip #3 – Stage your deck

There’s a reason staging is a lucrative business. For less than $100, go the extra mile and buy a few new decorative items—think colorful melamine plates, throw pillows or hurricanes—to give your outdoor furniture a stylish-yet-lived-in feel. (Better still: take the props with you to your new digs!)

Tip #4 – Capture nature’s fleeting beauty

Your landscaping will never look better than it does right this very second. So no matter if you plan on listing your home tomorrow or ten months from now, photograph your home while the hosta are green, the dogwood is perky and Mother Nature overall is on your side.

Tip #5 – Show night’s fall

Do not go gently into that goodnight; a lighted landscape shot is a great—if not utterly romantic—way to close a listing. This is what will get buyers oohing and ahhing as they imagine pulling into the driveway after a long day, greeted by a warm, inviting glow.