Libby Smoot, October 15, 2015

#TrexTip: Stay On Track

Have you been following the “Your Next Deck” blog series? Let’s recap the #TrexTips so far:

Your Next Deck planning series logo

After the big decisions are made, plan to take a step back and assess to make sure that your outdoor project can progress on schedule and within your budget.

  • Go back to your original timeline (discussed in the first post of the series) to confirm that your project is on track to be completed on time. Remember, special orders for materials can set a project back, so be sure to check your timeline regularly and make adjustments as needed.
  • Check a long-term weather forecast, especially if you live in an area with changing seasons to make sure that Mother Nature won’t disrupt the remainder of your project. Farmer’s Almanac is a good resource for a seasonal-outlook, or Accuweather provides up to 25 days of forecasting.
  • Review your materials checklist and order any remaining Trex products or other parts and components that you will need to complete your outdoor living space.
  • Schedule a check-in meeting with your contractor to make sure that your expectations are being met and that you’re on the same page, or set time aside to review your DIY project.
  • Take a timeout and remember your original inspiration. Visualize the final product and keep your eyes on the outdoor oasis that will soon be yours.
Trex decking and railing combine to make a spectacular outdoor oasis.

Completing these simple checks will help you wrap up your project with ease and bring your outdoor living space to life. Next week, we’ll take a look at some finishing touches and explain how you can show off your beautiful new space when it is complete.

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