How Much Does a Deck Cost? Composite Decking Prices


The estimated material costs for a composite deck run from $215 - $265 AUD per square metre; that includes decking boards and fasteners but does not include the varying prices of design complexity and labour. But only Trex composite decking is worth every cent. That said, the average cost of a Trex deck varies, which is why we built a composite deck price calculator to gather estimates tailored to your deck size, materials, railing options and budget.

Simply plug in the dimensions of your planned deck in metres and the Trex Cost Calculator will show you how much a composite deck costs in Australian dollars. All you need to know is the length and width of your desired deck. The calculator will compute the total price of materials to build your deck, taking into consideration its size and price of decking per square metre.

Not sure of your exact dimensions yet or still in the planning stages? The Cost Calculator can also show you different floor plans for some standard sizes. You can use them as inspiration and to help plan your budget to create a deck you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Estimate Deck Material Costs


Labor Costs


Labor and installation account for nearly two-thirds of total prices. One way to save on the cost to build a deck is to consider building it yourself. If you’re comfortable undertaking home improvement projects, building a deck can be a satisfying DIY project that can save you money. If you’re able to build it yourself, the only cost you’re responsible for is the price of decking materials. Check out this DIY checklist to be sure you have what you need before getting started!

However, if you’re not experienced with making home improvements, there may be hidden costs to building your deck yourself. If you make a mistake, not only can you compromise the structural integrity of your deck, but you may wind up spending more in the long run to hire a professional to fix your deck.

If hiring a pro may offer you added peace of mind, it’s important to shop around and find an installer who can offer you a price that works with your budget and has a portfolio of decks that are similar to the look you want to achieve. Find an installer who is familiar with Trex decking and can help make your dream deck a reality.

Cost of Decking Materials

Raw materials could include a substructure, decking, railing, hardware and add-ons. And that's only a portion of the total cost of a composite deck.

In addition to the basics that every deck should include -- such as a substructure and railings -- consider some of the add-ons you may want to include that may up the prices of your deck, such as:

  • Deck drainage systems
  • Gazebos
  • Built-in benches
  • Embedded lighting
  • Multiple levels
  • Staircases

Finding an installer that has experience with creating some of these add-ons can help you find a contractor you’ll be happy with, as well as get a firmer understanding of the final cost of your deck.

How Much Does Decking Cost Per Square Metre?

The average estimated price of materials for composite decking can range between $215 and $265 AUD per square metre. The final cost of your deck, however, is dependent upon the complexity of your deck and any add-ons that may increase the price of labour.

Size & Shape


Size and shape make a big difference. Both help determine the materials and labour costs of your composite deck, since decking is priced per square metre.

For instance, a curved deck may cost significantly more than a straight deck. Curved designs are more complicated. They require added work and skill to cut composite decking boards in order to achieve a more distinctive and intricate design. As a result, the price of labour will be higher.


Our Trexperts set the record straight on a few myths about composite decking prices.


Does a deck made of Trex boards cost twice as much as a deck made of timber boards?

No, while Trex deck boards may cost more than other products on the market, the decking is only one aspect of the deck build. Framing, footing, and permit costs all stay the same no matter the material. So in reality, for an average deck, Trex only costs a fraction more.

Does the labour to build a Trex deck cost more than the labour to build a timber deck?

No, because Trex deck boards are engineered and every board is the same, you’re not dealing with the volatility of pressure-treated timber or cedar where the boards can be inconsistent . It can be faster to use Trex.

Do deck maintenance costs affect the lifetime price?

Yes, think about a timber deck and the costs associated with maintaining it. You spend money on Trex once and you never have to spend it again.

Learn the True Cost of Building a Deck

Tips to Save on the Cost of Your Deck Build

For the Budget conscious

Cut costs, not corners. Here's how to save on your deck build:

  • Do it yourself or hire a deck builder in the off-season to save on installation fees
  • Opt for straight sections of decking and stairs over more complicated curved designs
  • Get more use out of your space with efficient features like outdoor storage sections
  • Use creative design tricks, like a mix & match colour scheme, to up the style without upping the cost
  • Know the benefits of Trex vs. timber


Don’t Forget Add-Ons

  • Trex Fascia adds beauty to the side of any deck, concealing rough edges and bridging unsightly gaps
  • Trex Outdoor Lighting can help you step safely and keep the party going long-after the sun goes down
  • Trex Deck Railing adds high design and high-performance to your outdoor decking space