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The Inspired Room Trex Deck: Five Years Later

Five years ago, Melissa, author of the design blog, The Inspired Room, transformed her outdoor space with Trex decking and railing. We recently checked in with Melissa to see how her deck has held up against years of rainy Seattle weather.

July 18, 2023
Deck with sunrise

With five years of hindsight, Melissa still loves her deck, which she says "Transformed our space in a short period of time."

Melissa Michaels

The Build Story

When Melissa discovered Trex, she was battling a common backyard problem; her home had a decent-sized yard, but was unsightly due to a large, cracked concrete patio. She was thrilled to discover that Trex decking can be installed overtop her existing concrete patio. Not only was she able to add a stunning and low-maintenance deck to her outdoor space, she didn't need to pay to have the concrete removed. As a design enthusiast, Melissa's vision used "separate zones'' to create unique spaces for her family to enjoy. Ultimately, she built a low deck with a single step down to the lush lawn and a small concrete patio off to the side.

Melissa chose Trex Enhance® boards in Saddle and Trex composite railings in Charcoal Black. From the start, she loved how the railings contrasted with the white-painted bricks of the family home. The deck boards themselves looked natural, working with the mature trees in the backyard and serving as a base for her outdoor furniture choices.

The Deck Over the Years

Adding the deck to her backyard did more than create a deck; Melissa loved how "The deck became an outdoor room. It was an extension of our home." This expansion of her living space became even more valuable to her family during 2020-2021 as open-air spaces became a haven for her family to gather.

We used it [Trex deck] every chance we could when the sun came out for relaxing, morning coffee, eating meals, entertaining, family events, gardening, and work meetings." 

Melissa Michaels

One of Melissa's favourite features of Trex composite decking is its durability. She was immediately drawn to the rich colours and how easy it was to install over concrete. She has grown to love her deck after seeing how little work was needed to keep her space stunning year after year, even with the harsh Northwest weather. 

Over half a decade, she has found "There was never any warping, painting, chips or splinters to repair," despite very little maintenance.

Melissa Michaels

In fact, Melissa shares that her deck looks better than ever. Since she hasn't had to spend time refinishing, painting, or intensively cleaning the deck she would need to with a timber deck and railings, she's had time to make improvements. Melissa has been gardening, putting together beautiful planters, and playing with gorgeous nautically-inspired outdoor furnishings that complement the incredible view the deck offers over the Puget Sound. Not to mention, she has time to enjoy her outdoor areas with friends and family.

What's Next for Melissa and Trex

Melissa has loved her Trex deck for the last several years, but in early 2023, they decided it was time to move. While most people don't build a deck just for the resale value, the durable nature of the material can be a great selling point for your home. Not only did Melissa's deck look brand new despite being five years old, but it also gave the potential buyers more living space without the costly and time-consuming maintenance of a timber deck.

The deck looked just as beautiful the day we sold our home as it did the day it was installed."  

Melissa Michaels

Despite only being in her new home for a few months, Melissa has already begun planning her next Trex deck build. In Melissa's case, previous experience with timber decks has led her to the conclusion: Trex composite decking is superior to timber. It lasts far longer with little maintenance, offers better value over time, is available in a range of colours with no painting needed, and is made from 95% recycled materials.

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