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#MyTrexStory: Villa V. Interieur

How did you come to choose Trex for your project?

My husband and I had been thinking about what material to choose for a new patio design for quite some time. Then, we came across Trex's environmentally-friendly decking on au.trex.com. After taking a closer look at the site and the various design options, we were very interested in the products. Since my father travels frequently to the USA on business, he even knew the brand and said that Trex is the market leader in the area of decking boards and is absolutely well-known there. From that moment on, we thought: Let's do it!

Did you have any hesitations or concerns about choosing Trex? If so, what?

I had minimal reservations about choosing Trex materials. Since a large part of the backyard was getting a new look, you had to have some imagination about what the big final design would look like afterwards. My concerns were more like, "Will the entire patio end up looking nice?" Qualitatively, it was already clear from the samples alone: these are high-quality and solid boards!

On the other hand, it was exciting to build the whole substructure for the boards, since we wanted to achieve a framed pool with different deck heights. Here we were concerned whether we could implement this on our own. But this planning would have been difficult with all other types of boards as well, because they all need a substructure.

Why did you decide on Trex decking in the end?

Besides the aesthetic, there are many benefits of the boards. For example, their robustness and durability. For residential use, Trex offers a 25-year limited general warranty, as well as against stains and fading. Nothing will rot, crack, splinter or mold. And maintenance is easy, too. No sanding, oiling, painting or other sealing, just occasional cleaning with soap and water. That's all!

In addition, the boards are environmentally friendly. Not only because they are made of over 95 percent recycled materials, but also because they last a long time - much longer than wood and most other WPC boards, for example. This conserves resources in the long term.

It's simply the perfect blend of classy looks, extreme durability, high-quality boards while being easy to clean and highly sustainable.

Which Trex decking collection did you use? Why did you choose that particular collection (color, grain pattern, price, etc.)?

After much deliberation, we chose the Trex Transcend® product because we particularly liked the Havana Gold color. Transcend is Trex's premium product line and more expensive than the other two product lines, but since the boards last 25 years or more, it was worth the extra expense to us. Plus, it certainly wouldn't hurt to use the premium product if we were using the boards around a pool.

Describe your experience building with Trex materials? Did you find the installation process easy or challenging?

Working with the Trex products was absolutely straightforward. We only needed tools that we would have needed when laying wooden floorboards. There is also a special system for quickly fixing the boards, consisting of retaining clips and screws. These can be easily placed and fixed board by board in the appropriate place on the substructure. Due to this fastening system, in the end, not even drill holes and screw heads are visible on the boards, the decking is held quasi invisibly.

Trex's very detailed, easy-to-understand installation instructions also helped us when planning the substructure and the installation.

What would you say are the greatest benefits of building with Trex?

Some friends of ours have problems with their wooden terrace after only 2 years, which doesn't look so nice anymore due to weathering. And neighbors have laid other WPC decking brands that don’t feature the protective shell a few years ago, and there are now already clearly visible blemishes and damage such as scratches. I only want to do a decking project like this once, so the longevity and warranty of 25 years was a big consideration. I now know that, in the long run, my Trex decking will look just as beautiful, valuable and classy as it does now. Of course, ease of cleaning also plays a big role, as no one likes to "clean".

How do you use your Trex deck?

We use our patio for sunbathing, relaxing and lounging. Since we have enclosed our small pool with the Trex decking, we can sit on the decking in a very relaxed way and let our legs dangle into the water. Our different levels have created a super seating area where we can sit with friends in the summer evenings with a glass of wine or champagne and just relax. At dusk or in the dark, the atmosphere is just super thanks to Trex's own lighting system.

What is your favorite aspect or feature of your Trex deck?

I think it's great that our deck has two levels, creating a perfect seating edge where we can sit comfortably and look out over the pool and garden. The subtle lighting in the floorboards makes it a special moment to linger, especially in the evening, as the interplay of indirect and direct lighting looks really fantastic.

Any tips or advice for homeowners that may be considering using Trex for their outdoor living spaces?

I recommend checking out the website first to learn more about the boards. There you will find numerous design examples and all sorts of information about the products. After that, take a look at the boards at a Trex dealer in your area or have product samples sent to your home. The Trex website offers a dealer locator and a separate menu item for ordering samples, which is very straightforward. Those who want to build the terrace themselves will also find detailed assembly instructions and an initial explanatory video on the website.


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