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Surf's Up at Designer Shannon Vos's Contemporary Aussie Outdoor Oasis in Gravel Path

Interior designer, Shannon Vos defines his style as "refined and bold". His nature-inspired designs helped him not only win the Australian design competition show, "The Block Glasshouse", but had all three judges agree Vos's designs are some of the best ever seen on the television series. Vos opted to make the most of his COVID-19 lockdown by designing a contemporary, low-maintenance space for his growing family to relax, swim, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

April 15, 2022


Less maintenance, more memories in the making. 

Wanting to balance his natural aesthetic and desire to create a low-maintenance patio, Vos selected Trex Transcend® decking in the colour Gravel Path to surround his hand-painted custom pool.

"With two young boys and knowing how much upkeep timber needs, I really didn’t want to spend a couple of weekends each and every year sanding and oiling the deck."

With a composite deck from Trex, Vos never needs to spend time sanding or oiling his deck. Plus, each board is engineered to eliminate rot, warp, mould, and splinters that plague timber decks- especially in the Australian heat. 

Designed for every curve of your imagination.

Vos's outdoor oasis features countless unique design touches. Most notable, his custom pool. Painted in a street art style, this pool sets the stage for endless summer nights spent outdoors. 

The intricate decking design on the staircase beckons you to step into a private oasis hidden away from the stress of the day. Vos shares this custom design is a "testament to the versatility and compatibility of the decking material."

A vertical wooden fence guides visitors into the stunning backyard area, while glass railings fade into the background to provide a seamless view of the pool beyond. 

Style-forward, yet sustainable.

The final key to Vos's inspired space is not a design feature, but what is inside it. When selecting the products for his patio remodel, building with eco-friendly products was top of mind. In addition to the aesthetic and performance advantages of composite decking, Vos loved that each board is made with 95% recycled plastic film and reclaimed wood

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When asked how he is enjoying his new backyard, he shared, "We’re now appreciating the massive impact we have had in saving over 250,000 plastic bags from the landfill, and that’s one of the biggest takeaways for us. An environmentally conscious product that was not only a dream to install, but takes such minimal upkeep, which saves me time for the things I love doing most."

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