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Deck Railing Inspiration With Evette Rios

Learn expert tips with designer Evette Rios on how to choose the right railing for your outdoor living space. View deck railing designs and inspiration today.

December 22, 2020

Mix and Match Colours

People tend to think their railings have to mirror the decking colour, but that isn't the case. Draw your guests eye to your railing by using a bright white railing, like I chose. Or let your railing fade effortlessly into your backyard with a dark shade of black.

Think About Durability

When considering your railing options, you want to make sure to pick a material that is going to last. For my home, I chose a white aluminium option from the Trex Signature® railing collection so I won't have to worry about peeling, warping, or having to perform regular maintenance like sanding and staining. This Utah deck stands out with Signature railing in Black.

Suit Your Style

In recent years, the modern, industrial look has dominated exterior design. Through the use of mesh, wire, or glass panels, you can add a contemporary edge to your outdoor space. For my home, I opted for the glass panels to add an interesting juxtaposition to my home's country style. Plus, I love that it allows me to keep an eye on the kids when they are playing in the yard.

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