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How to Choose a Deck Railing Colour

Choosing a deck railing colour is an important step in creating your dream deck. Explore deck railing colour ideas and important factors to consider with Trex.

June 23, 2023

Whether you're installing your railings at the same time as your deck or adding them later, choosing the right colour for your deck railing is an important decision. The easiest option is to match your railings to your decking for a classic look. Still, many homeowners choose deck railing colours to contrast with or complement the rest of their design for a more exciting look.

Railing material is also a factor to consider when selecting the best colour for railings around your deck. Some materials limit colour choices or make a statement without it (metal or glass, for example), while others offer more cost-savings or to stand up better to the elements. In other words, there are myriad factors to consider when picking that perfect deck railing — let's look at a few of them.

Choose Your Deck Railing Material

Before diving into colour selection, you need to determine which railing material you are interested in. Composite and aluminium are both popular options for deck railings. Composite railings offer a simple, clean look, while aluminium provides a more contemporary style. Both composite and aluminium railings can be customised by adding cocktail rails, changing baluster styles, adding curves, or opting for a unique infill such as glass. 

Let's take a look at some popular railings from Trex. Trex Signature® Railing is a great example of an aluminium deck rail. Available in three colours, this sleek deck railing option is compatible with four unique infill options: glass, classic horizontal rails, vertical square balusters, or industrial-style mesh. 

For more colour options and a traditional look, consider Trex Transcend® deck railings. With posts, top, and bottom rails made from composite, plus the option of traditional composite or aluminium rails as infill, you can play with the six colour options this railing style offers. 

Finally, when a simple deck railing colour scheme is the best fit, there's also the high-quality yet budget-friendly Trex Select® deck railing. As neutrals never go out of style, this railing line offered in white and black offers a safe choice for deck railing colour combinations. The Select railing is available in a Classic or T-rail configuration to add a dynamic look to your space.

Consider Your Style

Your style should play into your deck railing decision. Deck railing colour ideas should work with existing landscaping elements, the deck, and your home's exterior. In addition, they should serve as a bridge from your interior decor to your outdoor design. Deck railing ideas can be subtle or make a statement, depending on your preference.

Decide if You Want to Match or Contrast Your Deck

When picking out deck railing colour combinations, you might wonder, "Should my deck and railing be the same colour?" As with most design decisions, it's a matter of personal choice. Matching your railing colour to your deck creates a harmonious, classic, and cohesive look, drawing focus to other design elements. Contrasting the colour of your railing with the colour of your deck, on the other hand, can create a striking, eye-catching effect.

Examine Your Surroundings

Context is everything when it comes to design. If you have a picturesque view, consider a deck railing colour that fades into the background, allowing the scenery to take centre stage. Black railings, in particular, have a subtle presence that seamlessly integrates with the views beyond, especially if there are well-tended plantings to look out on.

Conversely, a more minimalist landscape with fewer shrubs and trees looks lovely with an equally minimalist, modern choice of deck railings. Yards with mature trees and traditional lawns look wonderful with composite railings in warm tones.

Consider Lighting

It's a good idea to experiment with different lighting setups to understand how your chosen deck railing colour will appear throughout the day. Remember that light qualities and levels will affect the look, so examine the samples on your deck where the railings will be installed. Consider their appearance in the afternoon sun, during a sunset, at twilight, and in the moonlight. Turn various outdoor lights on and off to see the effect.

You'll also want to consider how you'll use your deck. Lighter railings might be a good choice if you envision late-night al-fresco socialising since they'll be more visible in dim lighting. Alternatively, you can explore adding deck railing lights to extend afternoons on the deck into the evening.

Choose Your Deck Railing Colour Today!

By now, you should be ready to make the best decision for your deck railing colour. Explore deck railing colour schemes using our Deck Designer if you're ready to play with ideas, or take a look at our article on Deck Railing Inspiration if you need a few more creative railing ideas before you get started.