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25 Best Deck Design Ideas

Check out these favourites to inspire your next deck project.

March 31, 2024

Interested in updating your deck or need ideas for anew deck design? Transform your outdoor space with inspiration from some of our favourite Trex decks and enjoy more time outside playing, entertaining or just relaxing with the ones you love.

1. Gain Higher Ground with a Rooftop Deck

Don’t overlook an opportunity to build a rooftop deck if your home allows. Tucked away off a master bedroom, hallway, or some secret attic location, a rooftop deck can be a fun spot to spend time with friends or simply hide away with your favourite book.

2. Elevate Your Deck Design with Creative Curves

It takes a little more creativity to plan a deck with curves, but the payoff is spectacular. Trex composite decking boards and composite and metal railings can be curved to suit most design needs. We suggest reaching out to an experienced deck builder rather than tackling this yourself. 

3. Pergola Perfect  Enhance Your Outdoor Oasis with the Perfect Pergola

Create a room within a room by adding a pergola to your outdoor space, like the one anchoring this contemporary stunner. This “Balance” pergola model, from the Trex® Pergola™ collection, provides shade with a manually retractable metallic grey canopy that blends in nicely with the surrounding trees.

4. Porch Rules Screen in a Small Porch for the Summers

Whatever the size, a deck doesn’t have to be boring. Here, this small screened-in porch provides the ideal place to sit a spell and watch the Spanish Moss waft in the lowcountry air. You don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to dress up your outdoor space. A couple of attractive Adirondack chairs and a few plants make for a comfortable spot that will soon become your favourite room in the house. 

#5: Stair Master Save Space with a Spiral Stair Solution

Short on space but need a lift up to the second floor? Try a spiral stair for a functional solution and some visual fun. Spiral stairs take up less space than a typical staircase, allow for extra room on the ground floor, and can end up being the talk of the deck.

6. Green Light Illuminate the Night With Outdoor Deck Lighting

Adding outdoor lights on a deck is an absolute must. With all the easy-to-install systems available today, it’s a no-brainer. Riser lights on stairs, lighted post cap or recessed lights integrated into the edge of the decking boards not only serve up a fun atmosphere when the sun goes down, but also increase the time you can spend outside while making wayfinding much safer.

#7: Level Up Tailor Your Outdoor Space with Activity Zones

Think through the activities you plan to enjoy on your deck and then design accordingly. Creating activity zones will make your time outside more enjoyable. Do you plan to entertain regularly? Then you’ll want a lot of furniture to create a pleasant experience for your guests. Do you love to wow family and friends with your grilling acumen? Establishing a cooking area right outside the kitchen will make life more convenient. Taking a few moments to think in more detail about how you typically spend your time outside will result in a deck you’ll want to spend time on.

#8: Décor Delight Delight in Deck Décor

The furniture and décor you choose for your deck can make all the difference in comfort and enjoyability. Adding some pillows and throws that play off the surrounding environment make for a cohesive aesthetic that feels welcoming and inviting. Add pops of colour that complement your backyard, accessories that make you feel good, and groupings of potted plants that add visual appeal. A fun sculpture can add a touch of whimsy. Have fun and create a space that fits your personality.

#9: Mesh Magic Enhance the View with a Glass and Mesh Railing Design

Railings are important for any deck but they don’t have to be boring. And they should never be an afterthought. If your deck has a gorgeous view, don’t block that view with clunky railing. Consider a mesh infill that provides a fun touch of style while also letting you see what nature has to offer beyond the boundary of your deck.

10. Check Mate, Customize the Colors of  Your Composite Deck

No two composite decks need to be alike. Unlike timber, composite decking comes in a variety of rich colours that allow you to customise your space. For a small touch, consider a secondary colour around the perimeter of your deck, or go big by mixing light and dark composite deck boards to create a chequerboard design like this one featuring Trex Transcend® Rope Swing and Spiced Rum decking. A nice view doesn’t hurt, either.

11. Cookout Cool Turn Up the Heat with an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Not only are they functional, but with all the material options available they can add a swoon-worthy zone to your backyard. Grills, smoker, refrigerator, ice makers and storage can easily be integrated into kitchen components of all sorts, including aluminium, composite and stone. It doesn’t get any better than time outdoors in nature, memories made with family and friends all over a delicious, freshly made feast from your very own outdoor kitchen.

12. Narrow Escape Prioritize Fun Features in Any Space Size

If you’re tight on space, no worries. With careful planning, we’re betting most backyards can accommodate some fun features, like this outdoor kitchen, screened-in deck area and space for and subtle recessed deck lights

#13: Branch In, Not Out Build a Tree-Encompassing Deck

Building a deck around a beloved tree can provide a unique space to relax, unwind and entertain. With some due diligence, you can save that favourite tree and build your space around it. It does require some extra planning but offers a number of benefits, including enjoying a more natural aesthetic and promoting an environmentally friendly space.

14. Great Gates Get Safe with a Gorgeous Gate

Adding a gate to any deck space adds an extra level of protection. It can also add a bit of privacy while also redefining the aesthetic of the space. You can build your own gate or use premade models such as the Trex aluminium deck gate, designed with strength, durability and easy care.

15. Tucked Away Tuck Away Your Space with a Covered Porch

There’s nothing sweeter than a quaint, intimate outdoor space tucked away in the backyard. A little bit fantasy; a lot a bit fantastic. This Trex Transcend Havana Gold covered porch creates a comfortable spot for this family’s television viewing. A stone fireplace extends their use in cooler weather.

16. Peaceful Waterside Retreat

Serenity is a necessary requirement for life on the water. Create a peaceful stage to enjoy it with a light, composite decking board like Trex Transcend decking. Accessorise with outdoor furniture in neutral tones and you’ll never want to leave.

17. Transfigure Your Small Space into Outdoor Reading Nook

Don’t overlook those small spaces. Perfectly suited for an intimate nook, this second-story deck extends life off this tiny attic room. One chair and a mug of steaming coffee stand ready to get you started on your day.

18. Handy Helper Install a Cocktail Rail to Blend Fun with Functionality

Cocktail rails come in handy on a deck. Installing a deck board over a top rail transforms a traditional rail system into a functional accessory. It’s the perfect spot to set down a cold glass of deliciousness or pool towels on your way to take a dip.

19. Have Some Dock Fun Make a Statement With Your Dock Design

There’s not too much to a dock design until you realise all the composite colour choices available to put your own stamp on the design. Simple boardwalks and docks need not be so simple when you can choose from an array of beautiful greys, browns and reds. Match the dock to your home’s exterior or go completely against the grain. It’s up to you.

20. Fire Frenzy Create a Cozy Atmosphere with a Fire Pit

Fire features are all the rage. Not only do they extend the use of your outdoor space but they create a pleasing atmosphere. If you’ve got the room, craft a bench around a fire pit using Trex composite deck boards. Throw down a bunch of pillows, bring out the hot chocolate and spend an evening you won’t soon forget.

21. Deck Definition Create Cohesiveness with a Monochromatic Aesthetic 

A monochromatic look in your backyard space never misses. Transcend Island Mist decking perfectly matches this charming home’s style and amps up the calming feel. Running the width of the home’s backyard, the exterior space feels as connected to the inside as it does the outside.

22. Go Green with Some “Deckscaping” 

Charming gardens seemingly fit naturally into the design of this backyard deck, making the deck feel one with nature. And while these green spaces feel organic, it actually took some planning to create such a zen experience. Never overlook an opportunity to heighten your senses with greenery.

23. Hidden Jewel Build a Wrap-Around Deck to Enjoy the View

This charming A-frame and wrap-around deck meld beautifully into the surrounding countryside. Attractive blue siding with black window accents perfectly complement the Trex Select® Saddle decking and fascia. A black Signature rail with mesh inserts allow this family of four to live their best life outside.

24. Privacy Please Use Innovative Decking To Create a Stylish Privacy Wall

Think outside the box and turn decking on its side to create the perfect privacy wall. The rich dark tones of Transcend decking in Spiced Rum make for a warm hug for anyone enjoying this three-sided porch.

25. Coastal Comfort

Honestly, who ever tires of coastal life? Not this family. This enormous Trex Spiced Rum and decking offers front row seats to the coastal waters, while creating an intimate space for a dip in their charming pool. Plenty of space to live plenty of ways.

26. Make a Statement With a Herringbone Deck Pattern

Elevate your space with a unique herringbone deck pattern. Inspired by the bone structure of a fish, a herringbone design offers a visually interesting way to incorporate a breaker board into your deck design.

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